There is need for access to high-quality instructional materials to support implementation of the NGSS standards. The STEM Materials Center (SMC) at ESD112 provides the core curriculum to hundreds of middle school teachers every year, and these materials are in need of adaptation to support student learning. It is not necessary to purchase new materials in order to implement the intent of the Framework for K-12 Science Education; this intent can be achieved by carefully adapting curriculum with the appropriate tools and well-trained teachers and other leaders.

The STEM Materials Cooperative website includes open educational resources to support several key areas of integrated STEM instruction. Elementary STEM Storylines, Middle School STEM Instructional Materials and Computer Science Integration lessons…and more to come in 2020 to support Career Connected Learning.

Our Team

Vickei Hrdina

STEM Director

Career Connected Learning

Pranjali Upadhyay

Integrated Curriculum Coordinator

STEM storylines
OER development
Elementary science leadership
PBL for Flipped Internships
STEM integration

Stacy Meyer

Science Coordinator

Science Fellows
Secondary science leadership
District science support

Serena Decator

STEM Materials Specialist

STEM Materials Center operations
Kit assignment & scheduling
Lego, Beebot, Ozobot checkout

Effie Triol

Literacy K-4 Coordinator

ELA Fellows
ELL/Literacy Coordinators
Regional ELA support

Molly Daley

Math Coordinator

Math Fellows
Math Leader Network
Math Anywhere!
District math support

Kristina Wambold

Digital Learning Coach

Project-based learning coach
Data Improvement Lead
Computer Science Integration
Google, Microsoft Trainer

Katherine Livick

Integrated Learning Coach

Computer Science
Special Education Inclusion
Technology Integration

Chad Mullen

Business/Community Engagement Manager

Career Connected Learning