We believe that home is the perfect place to tinker with STEM! The home environment provides so many opportunities for authentic problem-solving and sense-making of intriguing everyday phenomena. Check out these STEM mini-projects designed to help students investigate and create around the house!

Grades K-2 STEM Mini-Projects

Gimme Shelter

Join us as we create a shelter for our tiny imaginary pet! Students will investigate how different surfaces are heated differently by the sun and will design a shelter to help a critter stay cool and dry in the shade.

Becoming a Microgreen Farmer

Join us as we grow microgreens for our family to enjoy! Students will investigate what it takes to sprout their own microgreens and even grow some radishes to eat.

Grades 3-5 STEM Mini-Projects

Keep the Coffee Hot

Join us on a mission to keep the coffee hot! Students will investigate the insulating properties of different materials and will design a mug sleeve for a grown-up to keep their coffee or tea nice and hot!

Grow Your Own Snack

Join us as we investigate which seed grows into what type of plant! Students sort their seeds and grow a seedling for an edible summer garden.