Climate, Weather, and Ways We Shelter

In this 3rd grade integrated STEM Storyline focused around the topics of climate and weather, we present students with the challenge of designing and building prototype temporary shelters to protect people from natural hazards.

We Are Wondrous

In this 2nd Grade Integrated Unit focused around Social Emotional Learning, STEM, Art, and Language Arts, we present students with the driving question: How can we use art to celebrate each and every one of us? Students read a variety of literature that provides them with the opportunity to talk about and think about how each and every student’s uniqueness is beautiful and valued in the classroom community.

Becoming Protectors of the Earth

In this 5th grade STEM Storyline Unit focused around Climate Justice, we present students with the idea of environmental stewardship and restoration. Students learn from communities and activists who are working to protect the Earth against negative human impacts.

Catch Me if you Can

Set your kindergarteners on a mission to use Physical Science to catch the gingerbread man!


Here at ESD 112, we feel that each student should be given access to engaging and rigorous STEM education starting in early childhood and beyond! All children have the potential to become impactful STEM leaders in their community and in the world. We are excited to share some of the resources we have developed to support our teachers in creating empowering STEM experiences for their students.