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How are animals affected by changes in the sky?

Embark on a journey with your students to answer the driving question: How are animals affected by changes in the sky? This NGSS-aligned integrated storyline unit strives to help students explore the 1st grade NGSS standards bundle Space Systems: Patterns in the Sky (1ESS1-1 and 1-ESS1-2). Students explore changing patterns in the sky through a series of investigations which are interwoven with the storyline of exploring animal behavior and how it changes as the sun, moon and stars appear to change. Help students understand these daily astronomical phenomenon while using a variety of picture books and expository texts to create an experience that cultivates literacy in both English Language Arts and STEM! The unit ends in an art gallery showcase where students create pieces of art to educate others about how a particular animal behaves as the sky changes.

Earth Space Science Kit

Unit Overview

Grades: 1

Duration: 30+ sessions (6-8 weeks)

Supports: Air and Weather FOSS kit

Storyline Training