STEM Storylines in Elementary (K-5)

Our STEM Storylines for elementary school are a fun way to engage students in problem-solving and sense-making around interesting phenomena in the real world. Each storyline unit is geared to support experiences around a topical bundle of NGSS standards and launches students on mission to solve a problem through tinkering, investigating, argumentation, and communicating of ideas and concepts. Our units follow the framework of project-based learning and strive to empower students to become impactful STEM leaders in their world. While many units are created to support teachers in Southwest Washington with meaningful repurposing of FOSS materials, most elements of each storyline can be used in classrooms without lab materials.

Our units are developed by ESD 112 in collaboration with STEM teacher leaders and local partners in our region. Our work has also been supported by partnerships and grants with WA OSPI (Office of the Superintendent of Public Education), Washington STEM, and through grants provided by Governor Inslee and the Washington State Legislature to support advancement of Climate Science and NGSS-aligned reformation in STEM education. We are grateful for the continuous support of our partners and the amazing STEM innovators in our region!