STEM Instructional Materials

How can we use art to celebrate the uniqueness of every one of us?

In this 2nd Grade Integrated Unit focused around Social Emotional Learning, STEM, Art, and Language Arts, we present students with the driving question: How can we use art to celebrate each and every one of us? Students read a variety of literature that provides them with the opportunity to talk about and think about how each and every student’s uniqueness is beautiful and valued in the classroom community. Students explore a variety of art forms which are introduced by numerous artists from a variety of BIPOC communities. Through various embedded STEM activities (some FOSS), students explore the ways in which STEM ideas help us better understand and create art. The unit culminates with an art showcase where we invite families and community members to visit an art show where the classroom community is celebrated through art. This unit is intended to help us reimagine the ways in which we teach STEM and to highlight the importance of positive identity development in creating equitable opportunities for all our students.

STEM, Art, and Social Emotional Learning

Unit Overview

Grades: 2

Supports: Solids and Liquids FOSS kit

Storyline Training